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Vigilant brothers mouth is ill by turn gently heavy
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Update time: 2008-05-21 article origin: Author of new wall bulletin: Zheng is wide

The parent of ill little patient of mouth of a lot of brothers is in the condition with beyond the mark and nervous spirit, illness of child of for fear that is aggravating, as a result is defended for long in the hospital, brought unnecessary burden and trouble however. The expert points out, brothers mouth ill little patient is like illness accentuation, have symptom and signal, the parent need not defend a hospital painstakingly, should make the child much rest however, if appear,leucocyte lifts etc by turn gently heavy danger signal, again immediately go to a doctor.

The expert says, the brothers mouth disease of children sends out all the year round, if the child contracts disease of begin sufficient mouth, the parent is beardless and beyond the mark panicky, answer to pay close attention to the progress of child illness closely however, once appear danger signal is immediateness go to a doctor. If hind of go to a doctor finds out leucocyte to lift, answer to be regarded as a danger signal, need strengthens cure. (bridge gem)

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5 turn gently greatly heavy feature:

One, spirit dejected, countenance is facial and dim, irritating, cadaverous wait; 2, skin see things in a blur, hair is cool; 3, " shy " , when sleeping namely, abrupt hands or feet shakes, and cramp of vomiting, limb, limbs is faint wait for symptom of central nervous system; 4, successive 4 days last high fever; 5, hematic convention checks leucocyte computation to lift or reduce apparently.

Yaricella, hives is not become brothers mouth disease

The parent is too nervous, yaricella is become rash, beg a doctor to save the child's life. The daughter of bark lady already 5 years old, can remove gules small measles suddenly all over, still begin attack of fever, this makes bark lady nervous unceasingly. When the small clinic go to a doctor around, be diagnosed to be brothers mouth disease by the doctor unexpectedly. Frighten so that bark lady looks after children to see a doctor to large hospital again rapidly, this ability knows pure belong to by accident examine, the child just got yaricella.

The doctor tells a reporter, not little recently parent " red dot is nodded " be equal at brothers mouth disease, demand medical service to the hospital in succession. This has among them quite one part person is a hives, chicken pox just, more some just is bitten by the mosquito. The first people of Guangzhou city paediatrics director Professor Yu Li weighs the hospital, the measles since yaricella is centrality distributings, with prothorax, hind back, truncal ministry is given priority to, hives is to appear first " floret face " , reappearance exhibits the whole body, and the roseola since brothers mouth disease is with control, arch and oral cavity bleb is given priority to, mosquito bite has hammock rash, the blister that rises with brothers mouth disease is different.
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