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On table " moral education "
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Update time: 2008-08-21 article origin: Internet author: As modern life rhythm accelerate, the time of parents and child communication is less and less, everyday the good opportunity that have dinner time became family photograph to get together. A lot of countries value mensal education of the child particularly: British element has " table regards as classroom " traditional, since the first day of the table on the child, the parent begins to undertake materiality to its aeriform " mensal and formal education " ; American parent takes seriously quite undertake environmental protection is taught; The table of a lot of Japanese families is just as classroom, they say for " feed Yo " . The words and deeds that Yours Excellency to go up in table, the homework that compares the school even to the brand that place of child body and mind produces is even deep. One, the expressional form of mensal moral education 1. Encourage him child to dine, develop independent character A lot of parents take a place to make the child much, choice " hello " the child has a meal, bring about the elementary school on some children still won't use a chopstick, when some children are having a meal, play even rose " play hide-and-seek " , the parent is carrying rice bowl to chasing after the child to run. Arrived to enter the child that learns the age actually, already showed the independent intention of certain level, have " myself comes " requirement. If this kind of commendable initiative consciousness gets healthy progress, can promote the independence after the child is grown to think. So, from encourage him child to dine begin, reduce the dependence to parents, this is having very big effect to developing the child's independent character. 2. Give the child a pair of laborious hands, education has deep love for the character of labor Of housework and child grow have close connection. The parent is OK the circumstance according to the child, let the child brush dish of the desk stool, chopsticks that place a bowl, end to wait. When the child tries to do the thing of a few in one's power, parents had better not be used " I come " go holding back. Hot like end boiling water this kind of thing, you want a few to enjoin him in a low voice only, it is OK to perhaps inform a few notes. The life that can exercise the child so provides for oneself ability, make its are in the process that grow, establish self-confidence, education child cherishs the character of work achievement. 3. Make from the a bit, foster the child's managing goodness At all times and in all over the world, every can be free-standing at the world forest nation, advocate without an other place economical: On German life " door of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed " , in Japanese job economical, be economical goodness carry on. Let the child as a child the habit that nurturance economizes, the key depends on inchoate education of the family. Managing should make from the a bit, the bagatelle beside is made. When the child has a meal, do not waste commissariat at will, should know " bead bead is all painstaking " . Can tell him, in us the big country of this 1.3 billion much population, waste 50 grams rice if everybody is weekly less, that is weekly OK and managing 65000 tons of commissariat, accumulate over a long period will be a how huge number!
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