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Cannot ignore correct child jealousy psychology
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Envious heart, the person all has. Generally speaking, the child mood change that loves jealousy is sharp, take pleasure in other's misfortune a little while, get dizzy with success, gnash ground hits person, name-calling or make a practical joke again a little while, a little while full of remorse, slump. Envious psychology of the child, although unlike grows up to be revealed adequately in that way, but if long-term such, inevitable meeting causes behavior obstacle. Especially the child with envious strong heart more make parents afraid, so how this kind of negative sentiment of correctly dredge child, it is parents the issue that earnestly wants attention to also must be faced.

Ling Ling of 6 years old is a very lovely child.

Weekend, the son that the colleague of Ling Ling mom is taking him two years old plays to Ling Home Ling, mom recieved them very enthusiasticly, amuse son amuse oneself of the work in the same placing happily. Just began, ling Ling also pushs close in the past little little brother, but did not pass how long, she is a little grouchy, because mom is holding little little brother in the arms, there also was not the meaning that put down, still laugh again in person again, she felt to get desolate.

Then, ling Ling begins to sing aloud, but nobody notices her, ling Ling start oneself most adept dancing, but still do not have a person to manage her, eventually, ling Ling couldn't help, she suddenly the cup that throws oneself bad, sit on the floor to burst into tears next, play mom's colleague and mother very awkwardly.

Jealousy is undesirable mentation, because individual and other are compared,be, discover others compares the complex mood of the composition such as he is strong and a kind of shame of generation, malcontent, resentment, anger in some respect or some a few respects. Because of,jealousy is human heart one of motive. Everybody can produce jealousy, and be from children period begins. As the person grow and mature, a lot of people had knowledge to envious mood, have ego adjusting control, expression is consequently different. Such looking, some child jealousy hearts are strong it is immature expression, want to lead do sth in the proper way only, overcome not hard.

Though jealousy is a kind of understandable normal mood response, but it is OK that this does not mean parents without giving thought to,adopt laissez-faire, indulge to envious psychology of the child manner. Because often envious mood, can evolve into the one part of humanness case. On the other hand, child jealousy heart is too strong, suffer the stimulation of the outside easily also, generate a lot of and undesirable sentiment, affect progress not only, and very adverse to health of body and mind. In the meantime, jealousy all is having consume effect to individual, collective and society, it is a kind of very adverse to solidarity, friendly affection affection. If this kind of defect is withheld after be brought up, so the child coordinates the relation with other very hard, it is very difficult in the life pleasurable. Build favorable domestic environment, friendly affection of the solidarity between domestic member, mutual respect, condescending look lets, this is precaution and the main base that correct child jealousy psychology. Want to notice to correct envious psychology of the child, parents answers to begin from the following:
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