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The 6 big demand of adolescent child
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Update time: 2008-08-21 article origin: Internet author: Face adolescent child, the parent can have the terrified of different level, even if some parents face archenemy. The parent's reaction is very normal, because adolescent child always looks forward to maturity to be reluctant to leave childhood again, pursuit is perfect always have again be short of regret, reject to engraft long to help again. So contradictory psychology, make their behavior is so absurd in adult eye and dull, and to the child, the sense is very great however. Because the parent does not know the child, restrain inscrupulously to the child, this makes the parent and child contradiction heavy, conflict upgrades ceaselessly. Above all, we should understand the requirement of 6 big psychology of adolescent child. One, reasonable corporeal demand Corporeal demand is the theme of life eternity, after the child enters adolescence, still be apparently the respect waits in dress, snacks, toy and stationery somewhat demand, substantial demand is changing sadly however. Just enter adolescence, the child that goes after individuation is less, more is him requirement from numerous. From numerous let oneself have safe feeling, in the circle that blends in a classmate, do not show Shan Xianshui. As the growth of the age, was familiar with the environment all round, understood the personality of classmate, friend, children begin to reveal personality, on any account is compared secretly in the group. This kind has active sense quite, the child gained experience, decided in the group to oneself. If a girl, reject to wear the dress of pink temporarily first, after 9 years, she wants scarf of a pink stoutly again, it is strange that you are fastened really, this is the child is brought up from the requirement, the trend asks to mature. Because want to refuse,reject pink babyish, accept pink, it is project oneself moves toward individual character independence again, the trend is mature. At this moment, children are before the parent exceptionally not obedient. The boy wants a pair of famous brand shoes today, will come back to say to the parent such-and-such classmate had new mobile phone tomorrow. Hang on the satchel of the boy, girl full star picture, whose birthday asks everybody to have a meal... a lot of boys can learn to smoke in the group, drink. The girl learns to make up, catch hair. Actually they are to want to pass these ceremonies, dress to adult, oneself flaunt in subgroup body, show oneself. And adult feels they are to flaunt one's superiority however. The parent's support and guide a method Our social level is rising, the parent also has vie psychology, decorate home while, also raised the living standard of own child, dress up them beautiful, to them put in bag on money. Just think, when there is cash in child bag, they attend class always is to wanting how to spend money, certainly will affects study. The parent should be on guard child material demand expands the disastrous effect that cause, but the satisfaction that has to offer material again, how should do? We think, the demand that the parent should learn to judge the child is normal. The child is normal the standard of demand basically looks from two respects: One is the average that takes classfellow material demand or average is medium coarse. Another standard is special the economic atmosphere in. If medium or the economic atmosphere in your home is better, it is better to should make the child's standard of living a few lower. If your economic atmosphere is not quite good, so, you because be afraid of the child,must not be upset by unkindness and extortionary let the child enjoy high spending, the practice of this kind of shabby-genteel have a hell of life, not only won't make the child self-confident rise, and the economic capacity that makes the child takes no account of the parent easily and become become aggravated.
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