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The child is converse the training game of thinking
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Want to make the child cleverer? The training that undertakes a few converse thinking to him! How to train? Converse thinking changes an angle to see a problem namely.

POINT1: 3 ~ 4 years old -- start level

Child of 4 years old belongs to 3 ~ phase of instinctive action thinking, this one phase, undertake to the child converse thinking trains, basically be to pass child activate a relaxed, interesting, happy game environment, allow the interest that his bud ponders over, and oneself start work operation, in the condition that allows the child to often be in vigorous activity.

No.1 cries laugh at baby

Game purpose: The converse sex of thinking and fluent sex develop in quick response.

Game plays a way: Play classical old game together with the child " stone, scissors, cloth " ! Nevertheless, this secondary does a dot to alter smally. Every time, conqueror should be done " cry " movement, the one party that be defeated should be done " laugh " movement, who first err is about to fall into disuse admit defeat!

No.2 turns over countersign

Game purpose: Can basis " countersign " make contrary motion, train the nimble sex of the converse sex of child thinking and thinking.

Game plays a way: You say " stand up " , the child is about to sitting not to move; you say " raise left hand " , the child is about to lift right hand; you say " go ahead " , after the child is about to go to retreat... altogether, the child wants and you " turning over come " just go. If his err even if was defeated. This can be a first-rate domestic game!

No.3 is tall and short

Game purpose: Operate through starting work, the converse thinking capacity that expands the child and space feel ability.

Game preparation: A mean person with building blocks of square, rectangle, circle and different height 3.

Game plays a way: This is one suits the game that two people have you and child very much. The building blocks of square, rectangle, circle is filled up below the Lilliputian that you can differ in 3 height, make they appear euqally tall. Next, how many what let child basis place fill up block, judgement gives these 3 a mean person in, which highest, which the shortest.

POINT2: 4 ~ 5 years old -- crucial phase

4 ~ are the crucial level that child thinking activity develops 5 years old, this one phase, the child's thinking has entered specific figure phase. To 4 ~ child of 5 years old undertakes converse thinking trains, basically be the knowledge that abounds the child ceaselessly, develop his language, help child learns from positive and negative two respects ponder over a problem, make judgement.
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