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Education is multi-purpose inspire allude and discuss
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Suhuomulinsiji says big educationist: "Phenomena of any a kind of education, child amid feels the intent of pedagogue lesser, his educational effect is bigger. " so, our a lot of parents are in treat child education to go up, should take out of those discomfort letting a person " requirement, command, must " wait for a vocabulary, and through " inspire, suggestion, discuss " wait for a form to undertake, the education of this kind of form, the child is met more be happy to accept, prefer. The biggest to children influence suggestion is posture gesticulation, expression.

- eyes suggestion

Had eaten dinner, father gives east east taletelling. Telling telling, the both hands east got petty action east. Father did not stop, nevertheless he is staring at little hand of the son closely with the eye. Not a little while, east east " wake " come over, both hands is quiet.

Analytic: The eyes is a kind of breathed language, can more exquisite than the language clearer the earth's surface amounts to feeling. The eyes is alluded even if use an eye the word that should say, what want denotive manner suggestion to come out.

- expressional suggestion

The guest came in the home, melon melon had young associate with joy forget oneself, initiated " the person comes mad " . He a little while guffaw, scream a little while, the eyes that joins dad also turn a blind eye to. Then father suddenly pursy brows. This falls, melon melon saw at long last, sound also was reduced many.

Analytic: The person's expression can transmit a variety of information, affirm for instance, agree, OK, cannot, ought not to wait a moment. The child did a good work, you nod approvingly to him. The child is passed hard, unlock inscribe together, you laugh to his understanding ground, it is a kind of best drive.

- verbal suggestion

After grand grand gets up in the morning, never fold by, mom has reminded a few times, but the effect is not ideal. One, mom tells grand, encounter today shine downstairs bright mom says to shine bright really good, always be oneself are done the bed shipshapely everyday. After grand grand listens, object apparently, but gradually oneself start work learned to fold by.

Analytic: Since be " suggestion " , namely need not utterance makes known his position directly. When should be praised or be criticized, and the method that adopts a kind of outflank, with taletelling, dozen analogy, make wait for the viewpoint oneself quite clever " dot " come out, allow child readily take a hint, education is accepted in a kind of downy atmosphere.

- behavioral suggestion

On the weekend, much at 9 o'clock in the evening, small before flying to still sit in the television. Mom is silent as the grave, stand up to roll out the quilt on child bed however, oneself also stop the work in the helper, go to bed rests. Breathed language reminded the child, oneself room was walked into on small flying horse.
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