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What the parent does not want indulgent child is capricious
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Now in the society, can saying egoistically is a singleton female common fault.

Alleged and capricious, it is to show the need to the individual, desire or requirement exercise restraint none; Defy, disobedient adult certainly; Be not done according to the requirement of adult; Or apparently agree, the heart refuses to obey, when Youring Excellency to not be on the side, by oneself strength comes. If hold the post of its to develop, capricious child cooperates with others hard, hard as friendly as others get along, get used to collective and social life hard.

Say commonly, children because psychological development is immature still, to a lot of things lack is known and judge ability, how many have a place capricious. It is the problem that the child exists generally egoistically, if of our indulge child capricious, will affect their human truck, because capricious child is very difficult as friendly as the companion collaboration, share, talk things over, they often follow one's inclinations.

Yuan Yuan of 6 years old is clever and lovely, when the child is cute, also indeed provoking love, can dance of song be apt to, language expression capability is strong, in the home, lao father is contending for grandma of father mother, grandfather, grandmother to be very fond of her. And Yuan Yuan, everything wants adult to had said only, remembered, and also do very well. Say chamber pot for example, after getting up in the morning everyday, herself knows to do this business.

But, yuan Yuan has a very big problem -- too capricious. Follow one's inclinations in the home, what thing is gotten by her, be inferior to a bit meaning, she is met have a fit, cry be troubled by more than, whose word does not listen. For this, her parental injury showed head. Although they admonish again and again she " you next time again also must not repeat " , but unpleasant thing still is happening ceaselessly: This day one big early, because mom is anxious go going to work, with respect to hurried side Yuan Yuan pours chamber pot. The disposition of Yuan Yuan came up again immediately, cry loudly cries greatly: "Why should you pour chamber pot? This is the thing of myself! " her disposition is bigger and bigger, perpetual, the eye looks at mom to go to work want to be late, that also is no good! Finally still must be adult concession -- cries so that smoke one choke Yuan Yuan, taking chamber pot to walk into a toilet, from toilet bowl dip is answered " this oneself fall " make water, fall afresh, just calculate come to an end!

Mom sees the daughter makes special life so, but do not have method again, because if do not let her so do, she can cry all the time be troubled by go down, mother fears her body is overcome. Now, family person everything must let her 3 minutes, was opposite can boast, wrong cannot punish, otherwise of the child " disposition of bend so as to breakstubborn " come up, finally still must be adult concession. Her mom says painfully: "This child, better when particularly good, be troubled by when rising, we take method of her a bit to also be done not have, simply too capricious! Simply too capricious!!
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