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Singleton female why is avoid beyond the mark and doting?
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Singleton female the proportion that holds in our country children is very large, if parental general singleton female regard a beloved daughter as, beyond the mark and doting, reaching psychological growth to body development of the child is adverse.

Because domestic economy condition is bounteous, singleton female excessive feeds chocolate, elegant candy, purificatory mug-up to wait tall adipose reach food of high in syrup, and do not love to eat vegetable thick feed, cause nutrition to absorb maladjusted, the shortage that causes vitamin, protein and iron to wait character and adipose accumulation, much performance is fitness difference and puffiness, complexion is cadaverous, hematin and erythrocyte on the low side, show anaemia of the sex that be short of iron. Anaemia of this kind of riches and honour already became an only son female the commonnest disease.

Monitor closely and plus the singleton female swing often is restricted, lack move and take exercise, make the child grows development is maladjusted, extremely delicate, form " bean sprouts dish " bodily form.

In the meantime, beyond the mark and doting meeting forms the child's diseased disposition, social activity is entered after the influence grows up.

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