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How help child does a homework and to how help child does a homework and hurt cl
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Update time: 2008-05-20 article origin: Author of southern Metropolis Daily: Unspecified

Close child interlocution?

Specially invite expert: Wu Wenzhen, senior psychology consults an expert, big Cheng Qimeng grooms central teacher

Make a lady: The relation of I and child is very good before, but since the elementary school on him hind, the circumstance changed. Course of study of affectation coming home always is not serious, study result is bad also, criticize him to cry greatly, I also had taken a child to had done intellective test, intelligence is normal, learn a manner to differ namely, don't I know to want from why to start to help him help us do not kiss to the influence at the same time child feeling?

Expert: Above problem is the problem that a lot of parents often encounter. Serve as parents actually, do one's best the child that loves oneself, arrive from material spirit, bend its are all and contented child, always go up to have disharmonious news with the child in study problem however, why? The issue that a few aspects involve among this actually -- ,

Understand deep and accept the child's ability. Mention the child's ability every time, what parents thinks of is intelligence and intelligence quotient, and the ability that did not realize the child is many sided is mixed uneven.

The most important, dedicated force is a kind of when often was not realized by parental place important ability, when tall or child intelligence quotient is normal, dedicated force may not is tall, it is not easy that the child that asks dedicated force is small centers mental study, because this often makes parents and child,be troubled by unpleasantly. Actually the child is not do not be willing absorption, however likelihood cannot quite absorption.

Understand and admit the child's disposition. Although disposition can suffer will help advance somebody's career the day after tomorrow and affect, but also be inherent idiosyncratic.

The disposition of some children is more amiable, suit easily, some children compare obstinate He Min to feel, although parents and the fundamental that the teacher teachs a child are changeless, but the disposition that real operation must suit the child.

A lot of parents have the quandary with this same mother: Same method, why other child is very good, is my child however such?

Excessive and active disease, say again excessive good move. There is this one symptom to two probably among 100 children, the symptom includes, --

1, excessive and active: Normal child is mixed energetically normally active, but their activity is to have clear direction and purposeful, excessive and active child is to overflow however aimless.
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