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British middle school is set " happy course "
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Trouble a mood for what overcome because of loaves and fishes of beyond the mark pursuit and stand out generation, england is famous in privatelying run spirit of middle school benefit pauses, learn to will issueing one school year to be opened for students " happy course " .   

Will report on April 17 according to Afp, the Hui Ling that British uncle overcomes county to overcome Luosuoen pauses Er of · a place of strategic importance ascends the president Anthony of the middle school to express that day, this initiate a gender " happy course " teach plan general to be in charge of supervising by a psychological expert, course begins from next school year. This school wants every weeks 14 years old to get on to student of 16 years old, if why class admiral study handles human relation, maintain the body and mental health, dissolve negative sentiment and how to realize individual aspiration to wait.

This new course will make the compensatory part that this school belief teachs. Saierdeng says: "To me character, the first job of any middle schools is to make the student achieves happiness and security. " the political news analyst that Er of a place of strategic importance ascends him to still hold the position of the school. He says: "Reputation, money and fortune often become the obstacle on young growing road, these stumbling block can not bring happiness " , "Our children need to know, although social crowd becomes richer and richer, but they are not happier and happier " .

Hui Ling pauses the middle school is built 1853, have a man student at present 750 people, the age arrives 18 years old in 13 years old between; The schoolgirl has 50 people, the age is in 16 years old of above. Extern half semester (3 months) tuition is 8850 euro about, lodge give birth to half semester tuition to be 11068 euro about.

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