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The boy teachs early: Understand a boy
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The boy and girl are so different, foster them to also need different regulation and skill. You should hold well Oh!

You may feel the boy always is very piquant, always cause a trouble to you. Sometimes he is very obstinate still, do not hear your word. Actually, because he is the boy,have some of behavior just. Let us understand our boy, next you want to accomplish:

   Embrace your boy more

  Error: Just be born the little boy of a many month has begun to gaze around, but he is very few and dedicated mom, he does not need mom to hold him in the arms probably.

   Fact: The boy needs more hugs. 1 year old half before, how to dote on your son is divided nevertheless. The time that he sees your eye is little, be like it seems that fewer depend on you, and be attracted easily by other thing place. Compared with your face, he prefers to see those mobile objects. But actually, boy cerebra grows slower than the girl, their feeling is more so weaker than the girl, they need more care. His skin needs to get satisfaction through feeling, acquire enough safe move, he wants to let you taking him to go everywhere more, hold him in the arms more so.

   Understand adventurous act of the boy

  Error: The boy is piquant make trouble. Take him to go out to play, he always likes to make a few dangerous motions, for instance uprise, jump downward from altitude. Mom check because of the safety that worries about him their behavior.

   Fact: Ask the child wants all the time on Chinese tradition static, always think method restrains the child's action. Actually, you should think of momently, our little boy is the young hunter of ancient period, they need vast space and free action, their support moves and climb climb healthily development their cerebra. Mother father do not manacle him. You need to be in hands-off the security that he protects as far as possible below his premise, and believe his inherent space judges ability. In the meantime, the young hunter that encourages you attends athletic sports more, much outdoors runs activity, what the experience with all sorts of integrated sense organs brings him is more healthy progress.

   Let the boy walk into collective

  Error: Most now family has a child only. Stem from care and safe consideration, a lot of mom do not like to make a child excellent in will play, also not be willing to let the child play to the outside.
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