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The distinction of British mother and Chinese mother
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At that time, the sun has set, stand on the beach you had lost sight of sunshine, nevertheless, the Shi Feng of white of far The Needles still is reflexing the Yu Hui of the sun. This is a seaside, you can feel ground of form of earthly circular arc to spread out, the sea level of arc shape obscured the light before you, you had been in " night " in, you lose sight of the sun, but, the mountain peak of far still looks so that see, it still is in the Yu Hui of the sun glisten. This kind surprises the picture that rise abruptly you are first time experience. You are in night, and the mountain peak of far however days, it returns bath to be in sunlight.

The British south July, although also be summer, but the Asia of other one side of it and earth is different however, it has some of chilly, although noonday when, air temperature also has 25 degrees only. You had been been used to drive in such air temperature caique and motorboat, swim nevertheless you are unaccustomed however, the seawater here and Thailand, Indonesian there than rising, can saying is very cold.

The day is black very late, in the evening at 9 o'clock, at 10 o'clock, still do not have nocturnal feeling. You and your friends, often in the evening at 10 o'clock when just go out. Your person strolls, on the beach swim the guest left almost, they transferred at the moment to go to the bar on the town, the beach that leaves hollowness is flat, you like some bleaker picture.

On the road, you encounter Fu of a pair of an old fellow like me, they wave to you, you bask together afternoon, the sun sees clearly your body, let you fly when rising, the old lady says to you, she just discovers to there is a public house in the forest land on cliff, "Resemble mysterious garden " , went over there, you can have discovery certainly. Whether do you still go without the decision, perhaps, the old lady just feels you are very young, not should a person plays, introduce you to go to the place that a lone youth plays, that place you are likely several days ago once transient over- , you were not cared about at that time. You were made an appointment with will go visitting make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital of Osborne House queen tomorrow, they take you with the car. You like Fu of an old fellow like me very much the dog KEW of two, make you happy together with KEW, you can play UFO with it.

Then, the little brother that you saw landing stage go up two, two boys of 923 years old, they are in fishing. In them this age, you ever also liked fishing, oily cauliflower blots out the sky and cover up the earth the ground is leaving, you and associate people each is diffuse, in the fragrance of oily cauliflower, in spring small in the wind that fume, in the dimple that on river side circuit encircles, those fish are like the gift that is spring. Your memory lets you consider country. At the moment is two boys, in nocturnal seaside, they put bait, throw a line, receive a line, argent line is slip in sky, below the seawater of azure blue, the school that is mystery...
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