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The morality of British middle and primary school is taught
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England serves as a traditional country, take seriously particularly the school morality of children is taught 16 years old before, education accords with what modern society needs to have belief, having rye of heart sex, civilized appearance, learned is his from beginning to end jumping-off place.

20 centuries 80 time, british Ministry of Education promulgates morality to teach " outline " , formulary school must impart to the student moral viewpoint of value. Course of British whole nation installs committee chairman David. Bai Si card says: "Education cannot be broken away from with moral photograph. Undertake to the student moral education is the responsibility with obligatory school. " the school that sets in British government in purpose of 8 basic education, 4 speak of moral education, include: Make children understands moral viewpoint of value, respect different phyletic, religion and way of life; Help children knows real world, understand the interdependent concern between the country; Make children knows a state how the effect that the standard of living that establish maintains people and economy have in this field place; The exploration that the achievement that makes children knows the mankind to be obtained in the respect such as science, artistic, religion and they do to win more social justice.

Moral education of British middle and primary school by 3 parts or say 3 administrative levels form: Education of education of religious ethics education, special moral education, individual society health and citizen are taught. Among them religious ethics education is fundamental layer; Special moral education teachs a course, be linked together to it is to reality run-of-mill spread out and outspread, and education of individual society health and citizen education, it is the more specific, actual ethics training on leading edge foundation, be in recent years the country faces real problem new the courses of uniform moral education foundation that roll out. Tax of individual society health, in order to foster development student of different age level's specific and different individual behavior is a target, be opposite for instance 5 ~ 7 years old of children, want to let him learn to make simple target, make simple healthy choice, the attention is safe, listen attentively to other conversation, work with other amuse oneself and collaboration, respect the similarities and differences between people, realise swashbuckling be a mistake. To 14 ~ 16 years old of children, want to learn to be in charge of ground him introduction in a lot of circumstances, know the healthy harm related to alcohol, medicaments, inchoate sexual behavior and be pregnant, understand marital essence and importance, understanding parents reachs his the value to domesticity, peace handles the method of controversy, challenge criminality. The citizen teachs a course, the purpose basically is to help a student grow stage by stage the citizen that is free democracy big country, cast off impoverished, drugs, horror, be ignored, suffer control the capacity that waits for all planting to manacle, free land chooses a kind of valuable life. It asks student control becomes the knowledge that has intellectual citizen, understand the citizen's right and obligation, the technical ability that has inquiry and communication, share the capacity that is in charge of with bearing.
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