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The United States promotes musicotherapy gradually
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Music is OK and placatory the scar of the body and heart, call disease of good memory, auxiliary cure. This year (2008) it is American music the 10th year when remedial association holds water, study the forerunner of the domain as this, american researcher is popularizing musicotherapy actively, with period more person can be indebted Yu Yin's happy mystical force.

Treat the definition of association according to American music, musicotherapy is the interpose process of a kind of system, remedial division uses all sorts of music to experience the form helps a patient achieve healthy goal. These music experience the form includes to sing, musical instrument is performed, music music and dance.

Musicotherapy is used often already at treating disease of development and study obstacle, Aercihaimo, cerebra injury and all sorts of acute and chronic ache. In addition, the child that musicotherapy still can let contract alone disease becomes optimistic, help " pothead " poison of Buddhist monastic discipline.

Ou Ruigen generates strong interest to musicotherapy immediately. Have two children of alone disease to help his, she still became a music to treat division through systematic study. During the exercitation, she witnessed the magical effect of musicotherapy.

Her memory says, her colleague lies for at that time after art the female patient of rehabilitation period plays guitar, she passes monitor to watch the patient's reaction in sickbed edge. "He begins spiccato guitar, and I look at those data changing, " she says, "She (patient) blood pressure drops, hematic oxygen degree of saturation rises, the heartbeat comes down slow. The heartbeat comes down slow..

"This is admirable, and because,this all is music, " Ou Ruigen says.

Nowadays, ou Ruigen already was the famous cure division in her place living community, dwellers very the help that welcomes her to offer. She plaints, "Those who make me surprizing is, people is far to the manner of musicotherapy imagine openly than me " . The patient that she helps has local school student already, also have the adult that comes from sanatorium and poisonous place of Buddhist monastic discipline.

Popular with each passing day

Be in the United States a lot of cities, musicotherapy popular with each passing day. Be in Newyork city a music and nerve are luscious research organization, musicotherapy is used at making patient of Aercihaimo disease quiet to come down to improve their memory. The hospital commemorates in the children of Chicago, musical cure division helps young father and mother with music conciliation cries the baby that do. Center of American cancer treatment still set only for the patient even " musical library " .
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