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The child, want to learn to be in charge of to oneself!
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Update time: 2008-05-07 article origin: Sina Yo author: Week swallow

This morning, the daughter appears suddenly when have a meal: "Alas, I forgot to calculate the mouth this taking in satchel! " I see the notebook is by the side of table, with respect to suitable handgrip it is put into the daughter's satchel. Wait for me two went to the ground to leave a garage, sit into the car, the daughter that takes in back row asks suddenly: "Mom, did you put my pen bag into my satchel? " " not, you did not say. " I hesitated, be to come home to take pen bag or go directly? Remember the word that heard grandmother to remind a daughter to draw a picture to want to remember a satchel of pen in bags last night, I started a car to set out. "Chinese and maths want an examination this morning! " the daughter is a little anxious, I say: "Why didn't you get ready last night then? " think of early make smooth reading calculates this thing, I some take pleasure in other's misfortune: Let you this behavior that little girl is him bears consequence, get some of lesson, also it doesn't matter is bad, hey! Nevertheless, I still gave her the proposal: "After reaching the school, use to pen of your classmate ask for an advance on one's pay. Use to pen of your classmate ask for an advance on one's pay..

More or less did this kind of careless disposition perhaps get the daughter my heredity? Remember have a year, the attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it that flies back to Beijing technically to do Hong Kong from Guangdong (because registered permanent residence is in Beijing) , the result went to Beijing to just discover, did not carry passport of HongKong and Macow at all!

After the elementary school on the child, the incident of forgetful happens from time to tome, last term opening head will lose 10 pencil in Feburary, because she always forgets to pull the slide fastener of pen bag, still falling to take pen bag to run everywhere. Later, I give her new pencil no longer, accuse: New term just has new pen to use! Semester end looks at a daughter to taking 2 centimeters lead ability to write to write line of business, the very cautious, appearance that is afraid that ability to write breaks off, I am very complacent: Those who want is this kind of effect! Ha

On the issue that handles child forgetful incident, my simple think of a way is the sense of responsibility that wants to rear the child: Want to learn to be in charge of to oneself first! The adult is taken care of to the child transfer, for oneself with respect to can privative child the thing holds the opportunity of the heart and power, for example the story that slug takes flat bread: One very lazy very lazy slug, his mom everyday the cake that bake in a pan has a large hole between Zhang Zhong very much is hanged on his neck, slug became hungry eat with respect to ask for a favor; And every time his mom sees him the cake of ahead eats almost, can turn cake for him, become so one of these day his mom is not beside, do not help him turn flat bread, slug is starved to death, because he did not turn cake or turn the experience of the head.
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